Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown Released A New Preview – Dark Goblin Slayer? Spoilers at Allanimenews

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The upcoming Goblin Slayer anime film, Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown released another preview video recently. In this new video, a picture of a dark Goblin Slayer can be seen. Is this dark knight a new character or is this someone relevant in the future of the series? Where are the crew heading into and who is going to be the enemy this time?

The Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown is an anime movie that is slated to be released on February 1. It is the adaptation of the fifth light novel written by Kump Kagyu. This will follow Goblin Slayer and the gang as they rescue a young noblewoman who disappeared after accepting a goblin mission. Here is the new preview which has been released recently.

It turns out that Goblin Slayer and the gang will face a goblin cult which is led by a very intelligent and strong goblin leader. Remember that Goblin lord that tried to destroy the farm town in the last episode of the anime? He’s nothing compared to this “Goblin King”. How will the crew defeat this threat? Will they save the Young Noblewoman called Noble Fencer?

Another interesting image from the footage is a picture of a Dark Goblin Slayer. It is still not revealed if this is a new character or if this is still Goblin Slayer who underwent a major wardrobe change. The armor is darker and is decorated with different red designs (which is pretty cool). In addition, there is footage where Goblin Slayer faced the Goblin King in a one on one battle using his usual cheap armor.

Whether Dark Goblin Slayer is a new character or not, the character design a lot cooler. Will Goblin Slayer survive his dual against the Goblin King? We will know more when the movie finally arrives, so stay tuned.